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Clean up time for Croydon gateway railway bridge

17 May 2017

The gateway to Croydon, as you travel east along Mount Dandenong Road, is a large concrete railway bridge. It frames the entrance to Croydon and provides a focus to the Dandenongs beyond.

Mayor of Maroondah, Councillor Tony Dib said that unfortunately, this large piece of rail infrastructure has become an eyesore, with illegal graffiti covering both sides.

“Despite multiple requests from Council to the responsible agencies, asking for the illegal graffiti to be removed, no action has been taken,” said Cr Dib.

“On behalf of Council, I will be writing to the Minister for Public Transport expressing Council’s disappointment at the appearance of the railway bridge,” said Cr Dib.

Council works closely with the community to maintain the appearance of our City, with a range of measures available to:

  • remove illegal graffiti from Council property
  • to support our residents to clean up their own property
  • to deter illegal graffiti, including public art programs.

“Maroondah has a range of infrastructure which is owned and maintained by different service providers, and Council is keen to ensure they understand the importance of removing illegal graffiti promptly from their property,” said Cr Dib.

“I look forward to the Minister directing the prompt removal of the illegal graffiti from the railway bridge, and ensuring a schedule of ongoing maintenance is established by the Department for this prominent piece of infrastructure, which has such an important place in Maroondah,” said Cr Dib.

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