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New dog park opens in Croydon

16 May 2017

Dog park opening

Maroondah’s first dedicated dog park was officially opened by the Mayor of Maroondah, Councillor Tony Dib on Saturday May 13.

The eagerly anticipated dog park, located on Eastfield Road, was created based on the feedback received from the many dog owners in Maroondah.

“Council has worked with the community over a number of years on this project, and I’m sure everyone will agree it has been well worth the wait,” said Cr Dib.

“Fenced dog parks have several advantages, including allowing dogs to enjoy a recreational space, fenced off from other park users,” said Cr Dib.

“The result is a wonderful park. It is fully fenced with double entry gates and a range of elements to keep dogs of all sizes entertained, including agility equipment and a time-out zone for younger dogs,” said Cr Dib.

The design also features dog training and open runabout areas, seating, sand and rock scramble zones, and amenities such as a drinking fountain, and dog litter bag dispensers and bins.

“There are a range of rules and dog etiquette to remember when using a fenced dog park, these are available on Council’s website and at each of the entry points at the dog park,” said Cr Dib.

“The primary rule is that dog owners must keep their dog under constant supervision and have effective voice control at all times while inside the park,” said Cr Dib.

“Council’s Local Laws officers and representatives from Animal Aid were present during the day to offer advice and support to dogs and their owners. The Local Laws officers will continue to patrol the park to assist dog owners with their interactions with this new facility,” said Cr Dib.

“Unfortunately, there was one incident between two dogs on the opening day, and this serves as a timely reminder to all dog owners that our new dog park is not a place for every dog,” said Cr Dib.

“Council’s Local Laws officers are continuing to speak with the owners of the two dogs to gain details on the incident and to determine if further action is required,” said Cr Dib.

Rules to remember when visiting a dog park:

  • Ensure your dog is under constant supervision and voice control
  • Ensure your dog is vaccinated and over 6 months old
  • Bring no more than two dogs
  • Only bring hidden dog treats – no other food is allowed
  • Don’t bring young children into the park
  • Once outside the dog park, please have your dog on a leash

Things to consider when choosing to visit a dog park:


  • Pick a suitable time to visit based on your knowledge of your animal
  • Can your dog respond to basic commands
  • Remember that not all dogs enjoy playing with others
  • Consider your dog’s interactions with other dogs, how socialised are they?

Eastfield Dog Park is at the front of Eastfield Park on Eastfield Road, Croydon. If you have any questions about the facility, call 1300 88 22 33, email maroondah@maroondah.vic.gov.au or visit our webpage.

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