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Greening Maroondah’s tree management team

12 May 2017

Maroondah City Council’s Tree and Park Maintenance team is becoming greener and cleaner, by upgrading some of their maintenance equipment from petrol-power to battery-power.

Maroondah Councillor and member of the Maroondah Environment Advisory Committee Paul Macdonald said these kinds of changes are what help Council and the community move closer to achieving the Maroondah 2040 Community Vision.

“We are striving for a cleaner and greener Maroondah. There are many small and big ways that we are working towards this, both at a Council operations and community education level. Any step we can take to make the way we work more environmentally friendly and sustainable is a positive development,” said Cr Macdonald.

So far, several two-stroke petrol chainsaws, a brush cutter, some hedgers, and a pole saw, have been updated from out-dated petrol-powered technology to battery powered electric models that are cleaner and more fuel-efficient.

“This is a terrific start to a transition to battery powered equipment. Battery technology has developed to the point where it is more affordable and reliable than when first developed,” said Cr Macdonald.

“Plus I’m told by the team that the new equipment is also easier to operate, especially as the lack of petrol tank and other related components makes the equipment significantly lighter,” said Cr Macdonald.

The Tree and Park Maintenance team are responsible for the management of Maroondah’s parks and trees, which encompasses approximately 70,000 street trees and more than 750,000 mostly native trees in the more than 400 parks and reserves in Maroondah.

“Our trees, parks and reserves provide environmental and recreational benefits, contribute to our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our native flora and fauna, and make our city an attractive place to live,” said Cr Macdonald.

“Council is committed to sustainable practices that protect it for future generations,” said Cr Macdonald.

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