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Maroondah supporting multiples: MCH group

1 May 2017

multi-birth group

Being a parent of multiples can be a rewarding, exhausting, thrilling and often challenging journey. Meeting others going through the same thing provides the reassurance and comfort that you are not alone in your experiences.

A new multiple births parenting support group offered at Council’s Norwood Family and Children’s Centre provides a supportive space for parents to share their experiences, ask questions and learn about the early days of parenting.

Maternal and child health nurse Yvette Scott said that as a mother of 10-year-old twins, she was acutely aware of the unique challenges faced by first-time parents of multiples.

“It’s a great opportunity for mums, and dads, to come together and know that someone else is facing the same everyday challenges,” she said.

multi-birth groupWhile it can sometimes take twice the amount of effort to get out of the house on some days, Mrs Scott said the mums relished the opportunity to meet other mums as well as exchange ideas and stories.

She said members of parent groups often forged long-term relationships with each other while gaining valuable support and information.

The two-hourly, weekly sessions run for five weeks, covering topics such as sleeping and settling techniques, introducing solids, time management, family help and more.

At the end of the five week program, a session will be held where mums and dads can come together to meet in a social setting.

Bec is a first-time mum to 13-week-old fraternal twin boys, Zac and Luca, born 8 weeks early.

She said that aside from connecting with other mums, the sessions gave her the opportunity to measure where her boys were at in terms of reaching important developmental milestones.

“It’s hard to gauge these milestones, especially if they’re born prematurely, so it’s nice to be able talk to other mums and see where their babies are at,” she said.

“I’ve come in with an open mind and it’ll be great getting education on the basics.”

nuli-birth classKara, mum of 16-week-old twin girls Tahnie and Aisha had initially attended a mother’s group made up of only first-time mums with one child.

“Being here, (multiple-birth group) everyone’s on the same page and I find that it’s far more relatable,” she said.

Mum Eleanor, who gave birth to identical twin girls, Willow and Harper, four months ago, was similarly drawn to the group because it was specifically tailored to parents of twins.

“This is a different experience, a unique experience,” said Eleanor, who also has a four-year-old son Hamish.

The Maroondah Maternal and Child Health Service is a free service offering families information, advice and personal support in caring for their children.

Health and developmental checks are provided for children up to six years of age at seven Maroondah Maternal & Child Health Centres across the city.

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