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WalkSpot – thank you for your feedback

26 April 2017


A big thank you to all those who took part in our online survey, WalkSpot.

The 92 registered comments are an indication that walking is important to our community health, wellbeing, social connection and accessing local services. Your feedback, input and advice is valuable to us and will give Council better insight into what you enjoy most about walking around Maroondah, as well as identifying areas for improvement.

WalkSpot is an online survey designed to understand people’s experiences, feelings and perceptions of walking around Maroondah.

By using an interactive online map, walkers logged spots to indicate the good, and not so easy, places to walk.

Mayor Tony Dib said gathering feedback about walkers’ perceptions of safety via WalkSpot would help the council prioritise areas in need of attention.

“From the information obtained so far, we’ve been able to get a clearer picture of areas where residents enjoy walking, and other areas, that for various reasons, are being under-utilised,” Cr Dib said.

San Carlos Walk (Croydon), Tarralla Creek Trail (Croydon) and Warrien Reserve (Croydon North) were among places residents found enjoyable to walk.

The north side of Railway Avenue was described by one resident as “excellent” and a “well used shared pathway” linking to Ringwood East Neighbourhood Shops.

Another survey respondent found the Croydon Athletics Track’s soft surface good for people with arthritic knees.

Cr Dib said it was hoped the project would also identify public concerns regarding lighting/visibility, high traffic volume and shared pedestrian/bicycle use.

“It could be the case that some people may choose one area over another because of there being better lighting, scenery, surfaces, or less traffic volume,” Cr Dib added.

The WalkSpot project is a collaboration between Victoria Walks, CrowdSpot and Maroondah City Council.

Read more or have your say on WalkSpot.

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