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6 Star Energy Rating

There are energy efficiency standards that apply to all new homes, relocated homes, and alterations and extensions to existing homes.

New homes

From May 2011 all new homes must have:

  • A 6 star energy rating for the building envelope (roof, walls, floor and windows)
  • A rain water tank for toilet flushing OR a solar hot water system.

Relocated homes and alterations to existing homes

The 6 Star energy standard applies to all relocated homes and alterations/additions to existing homes.

Alterations/additions or relocations must have:

  • A 6 Star energy rating for the building envelope.

There is no requirement for a solar hot water system or a rainwater tank for toilet flushing.

Large alterations

If your alterations represent more than 50% cent of the original volume of the building (including any alterations carried out in the previous three years), the existing building must be brought up to the same standards as the new construction (that is 6 Star energy rating).

Smaller extensions

Any extension above 25% of floor area of the existing building or 1,000 square metres (whichever is the lesser) must fully comply with the new standard. 

For alterations and extensions  there are certain circumstances where the relevant building surveyor has discretion to allow partial compliance where any requirement is overly onerous, technically impractical or does not provide a level of benefit commensurate with cost.

Energy Raters

Your building plans will need to be reviewed by an Energy Rater, to assess whether they comply with the 6 star energy rating.

The 6 Star energy rating is carried out by Energy Raters accredited with Sustainability Victoria.  A list of Energy Raters can be found on the Sustainability Victoria web site.

More information

For further information, please contact Maroondah City Council Building Services
on 9298 4327

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