Lusher Road Drainage Improvement

As part of the Civic Square Flood Mitigation Works, Council has completed the installation of an overland flow path from Birdwood Road and Lusher Road, through the car park to the south of Aquahub, around the Fred Geale Oval to Melbourne Water sedimentation basin near Norton Road, and the reconstruction of the existing car park and roadway into a combined retarding basin and car park.

The final stages of works are the reconstruction of Lusher Road from Mt Dandenong Road to number 35 Lusher Road, improving the detention pond at the rear of 19-23 Lusher Road and the installation of a pumping system.

The staging of works are as follows:

  • Stage 1 – design – completed
  • Stage 2 – upgrading of detention pond with pumping system – in progress
  • Stage 3 – reconstruction of Lusher Road – to commence late August 2016.

Stage 2

In April 2016, Council appointed AHA Constructions Pty Ltd to undertake the Stage 2 works.

Stage 2 works will involve:

  • reshaping of the detention pond at the rear of 19-23 Lusher Road
  • installation of retaining wall
  • supply and install pumping system
  • supply and install generator
  • generator building works.

Works are expected to be complete in September 2016, subject to weather conditions.

Stage 3

Stage 3 works involve the reconstruction of Lusher Road into a V-shaped profile. This will act as an overland drain to divert the storm water, via Birdwood Road, through the car park, into the overland flow channel at the south side of Aquahub. This will minimise flooding in the Lusher Road and Birdwood Road properties during a 100 year Average Recurrence Interval (ARI) event.

Council has completed the tender process and appointed contractor Etheredge Mintern Pty Ltd to undertake the works. It is expected that these works will commence in late August 2016 and are expected to complete in three months, subject to weather conditions.

Stage 3 works will include:

  • The reconstruction of Lusher Road between Mt Dandenong Road and number 35 Lusher Road, with the installation of a median V-shaped drain.
  • The installation of a retaining wall between number 9 and number 11 Lusher Road and in front of the Scout Hall at Birdwood Road.
  • The reconstruction of vehicle crossings.
  • The installation of drainage infrastructure in the area.

Further information

For further information on the works contact Council’s Project Engineer, Leon Lim on 9298 4276.

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