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Maroondah 2040: What you said...

Thousands of community members had their say on the future of our City during the Maroondah 2040 Community Vision engagement process.

The aspirations, values, ideas and suggestions for the future of Maroondah can be categorised into eight broad outcomes:

A safe, healthy and active community

Young people place their vote on the 2040 Ideas Wall at the Maroondah Festival in November 2013Our community appreciates the family friendly atmosphere provided in Maroondah. They wish to strengthen these characteristics into the future. There is a strong desire for our neighbourhoods and activity centres to feel safe and welcoming. The community also want to see safety issues proactively addressed in public places, public transport and within the context of traffic. A proactive approach to managing issues of family violence drugs, alcohol and smoking is also viewed as a critically important to our future.

Our community highly values the wide range of local parks, playgrounds, sporting and recreational facilities currently available in Maroondah. Many comments related to how much enjoyment these facilities provide. An emphasis was placed on enhancements to Maroondah’s leisure and recreational facilities, to ensure there is an increased diversity in available facilities and enhanced accessibility for all ages and abilities in the future. There was also an expressed desire to create state of the art sporting facilities that are multifunctional and cater for the needs of many groups and clubs.

A prosperous and learning community

There is a strong desire to strengthen and grow the diversity of local businesses and job opportunities in Maroondah. Our community wants to create an environment for business that is innovative, responsive and resilient to future changes in our economy and labour markets.

Our community is proud of our local schools and enjoy participating in the diverse range of training and learning opportunities provided locally. There is an emphasis on attracting higher learning facilities into the area.

A vibrant and culturally rich community

A commitment from a community member at a Maroondah 2040 workshop in February 2014Our community places a strong emphasis on involving the wider community in the arts and the wide reaching benefits of providing accessible arts programs for children and families. The community’s comments indicated that Maroondah caters for family activities, but that there is scope to diversify local entertainment options and to create spaces and public places that are ‘loved’, ‘trendy’ and ‘cool’. An increase in public art installations and increased cafe and restaurant precincts were common suggestions to improve the vibrancy of Maroondah.

A clean, green and sustainable community

Ideas from local scouts and cubs about what they like and what they would like to change in MaroondahMaroondah’s natural environment is highly valued and our green leafy character is treasured by locals. There is a strong desire for our green open spaces and bushland reserves to be enhanced and protected.

There is a desire to see Council, schools and other public entities take a leadership role in sustainable building design and facilities management. Our community said they would welcome more opportunities to build the awareness of environmental sustainability in the wider community, and encourage individuals and organisations to take action.

An accessible and connected community

Issues of transport were raised as a key challenge for Maroondah’s future. Many comments indicated our transport network needs to be improved and strengthened as our population increases.

There is a strong desire to see improved public and active transport options with an emphasis on upgrades to public transport, bike and pedestrian paths. Parking at stations and activity centres were also raised as critical issues to be addressed.

Community members see sustainable modes of transport as an important part of their vision for Maroondah, and they would like to see improvements to public transport modes and the connectivity of bike and pedestrian paths. The community also is seeking more innovation in transport modes such as including bike and car sharing programs and tram routes extending to Maroondah.

An attractive, thriving and well built community

Development driven by social needs and demographic change was a key issue arising from a Maroondah 2040 stakeholder workshop held in November 2013Our community loves the leafy green character of our neighbourhoods, generous open space, parklands and mountain views across our horizons. They value the bustling thriving nature of our shopping and business precincts and access to high quality services and recreational opportunities, along with a geographical location that makes Maroondah the gateway between metropolitan Melbourne, the Yarra Valley and the Dandenong Ranges.

Many comments focused on ensuring the density of Maroondah’s urban form is managed sensitively to neighbourhood character and while at the same time responding to changing lifestyles and an ageing population. The importance of having attractive, inviting, inclusive and thriving neighbourhood centres and activity centres was also emphasised. The upcoming redevelopment of the Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre is seen as a positive opportunity for our community. 

An inclusive and diverse community

There is a strong desire to ensure that vulnerable groups have access to services, stronger connectedness to the community and that Maroondah remains affordable for all members of the community. Our community strongly emphasised the need for facilities and neighbourhoods that are accessible for all abilities and age groups.

Community members often referred to the needs of our ageing population as a key driver in planning for the establishment of services and facilities in the future. With increasing numbers of community members from a range of cultural backgrounds living in Maroondah, many community members wished to see this diversity valued, supported and embraced.

A well governed and empowered community

The community are looking for Council to be an active advocate for community needs and interests, whilst also providing transparent and accountable leadership. The community also expressed a strong preference to be involved in the decisions that affect them.

Cross organisational partnerships and collaboration will be the key mechanisms to drive the future success of the Maroondah 2040 Community Vision.


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